Popular Terms & Conditions

  1. The Data Recovery Service (limited to ONE (1) claim for this Services during the Term of this Agreement).
  2. DrGeek will attempt, but without warranting the success, to recover the data or information on the Device, using the Seagate Data Recovery protocols and processes.
  3. We will not compensate the Customer nor be liable (The Parties agrees that the maximum liability incurred by DrGeek to the Client arising from this Agreement shall not exceed the total purchase price paid for the Services)
    for any damage caused only by the rendering of the Data Recovery Service or if the Data Recovery Service is unsuccessful either in whole or part.
  4. Data Recovery Service under this Agreement will end as soon as DrGeek have attempted one Data Recovery on the Device.
  5. When making a claim for the rendering of any Service, the Customer must provide DrGeek with full details of the Customer’s purchase slip, invoice or other reasonably acceptable proof of purchase confirming details of the Device.
  6. If cannot locate proof of purchase, DrGeek will try and assist the Customer to confirm the purchase of the Device and this Agreement with the supplier but do not undertake to be able to do so.
  7. subjected to availability of stocks. DrGeek reserve the rights to exchange a different brand basing on the same storage capacity.
  8. Data recovery package does not include data decryption service.

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