– Why protection of data is important –

Imagine a world where your data is always safe and secure on your device.
Protect your sensitive information or online billings details and stop
worrying about losing those important email or precious photos.

Let your information be safe. Take the 1st proactive step towards
protecting your data with every new device.

– What Dr Geek Data Shield Covers –


Free Diagnosis
and Consultation at
our clinic

Recovery of your latest,
most updated data
after your last backup

– How to Register for DrGeek Data Shield –

Buy a Lenovo laptop from ( Authorised Retailers )

Register your details ( Click here )

See full list of eligible devices.

– How to Make Claims? –

1. Free Consultation

2. Assessment

  • Initial Assessment by DrGeek Engineer
  • Ship to workshop

3. Recovery

  • Ship to workshop
  • Clean room facility

4. Return

  • Ship back to the clinic
  • Recovered data
  • Collect at our clinic