The Cure against data loss!

It’s a 360-degree protection for your crucial memo and precious memories.

For the times that you might actually lose your work or tax documents, sensitive information, great memories, or even your music library…

DrGeek Data Shield recovers ALL these for you easily.  Even if you’ve had a backup plan, trust DrGeek Data Shield to pull out the latest, most updated versions of your work and personal data saved after your last back up.

No sleepless nights.  Nothing expensive. Nothing to worry about.  Sign up for DrGeek Data Shield NOW!  Thankfully, backing up your data has never been faster, or more complete.

How to Register for DrGeek Data Shield
(Lenovo Users Only)

Buy any laptop from Lenovo or authorized distributors.

Register your details online in our online registration form. You can click on this link to register.

Optional: Sign up for the extended data protection package for 1 year with free Storage device @ $9 , 2 years @ $19 and 3 years is $29.

How to Make Claims

1. Free Consultation

2. Assessment

  • Initial Assessment by DrGeek Engineer
  • Ship to workshop

3. Recovery

  • Data Recovery Effort
  • Clean room facility

4. Return

  • Ship back to the clinic
  • Recovered data
  • Collect at our clinic