1.      1 Year Data Shield package, the customers is limited to ONE (1) claim during the Term of this Agreement: should the Device suffers any incident or defect which entitles the Customer to call on Dr Geek to render the Services and, the Customer cannot access or read the data or information stored on that Customer’s device, then Dr Geek will attempt a logical data recovery method only, without warranting the success to recover the data or information, using the Seagate Data Recovery protocols and processes. Should Dr Geek be successful, Dr Geek will either restore the data and information to the Device or, at our election, copy any recovered data or information to a USB memory stick(s) or other storage medium(s), which Dr Geek will lend to the Customer but without obligation to re-install the data or information.
For eligible claims, please book an appointment with us at https://drgeek.com.sg/book.
2.      In the event where the Device is classified as severely damaged and cannot be recovered by logical data recovery method described in Para 6, the Customer will be entitled to a discounted rate of SGD$449 (U.P $1,176 with GST) for further physical data recovery method in the laboratory. The Device, or parts thereof, will most likely be damaged or even destroyed during the Data Recovery process. The Customer must make sure that the data and information have been backed up regularly to an independent back up storage device. We will not compensate the Customer nor be liable (The Parties agree that the maximum liability incurred by Dr Geek to the Client arising from this Agreement shall not exceed the total purchase price paid for the Service/s) for any damage caused only by the rendering of the Data Recovery Service, or if the Data Recovery Service is unsuccessful either in whole or in part.
3.      Dr Geek does not guarantee that any data or information on the Device will be recoverable. Dr Geek’s obligation and liability with regards to Data Recovery is limited to attempting the Data Recovery methods as set out herein only and excludes any obligation to attempt data recovery on any device. Our obligations and liability to provide any Data Recovery Service under this Agreement will end as soon as Dr Geek has carried out one data recovery attempt on the Device.
4.      The Customer hereby agrees and accepts that all existing warranty (if any) for the Device will be null and voided upon his/her request for Dr Geek to carry out any data recovery service.
5.      When making a claim for the rendering of any Service, the Customer must provide Dr Geek with full details of the Customer’s purchase slip, invoice or other reasonably acceptable proof of purchase confirming details of the Device and reflecting the simultaneous purchase of this Agreement, details of where and when the Customer purchased the Device, contact details (name, ID number, telephone number and address) as well as the description and serial number of the Device the Customer bought with this Agreement. If the Customer cannot locate proof of purchase, Dr Geek will try and assist the Customer to confirm the purchase of the Device and this Agreement with the supplier but do not undertake to be able to do so. The Customer must also give Dr Geek a frank, full and honest account of the incident leading to the claim. If Dr Geek so requests at any time, the Customer must send the proof, to our reasonable satisfaction, of any or all of the aforegoing and provide Dr Geek with any further information it reasonably requires before Dr Geek is required to perform any actions or further actions hereunder.
6.       Only timeous valid claims for Services made during the term of this Agreement and made in accordance with the procedures in this Agreement and which are covered by this Agreement and which are not excluded or otherwise limited by the terms hereof will be processed and oblige Dr Geek to render the Services.