Laptop General Hospital Pte Ltd (“Dr Geek”) provides an Extended Warranty Program for Challenger, the “Dr Geek Cover Extended Warranty Basic Service Contract.

“Basic Coverage” means:

  • For Electrical & IT: coverage for electrical and electronic defects
  • “Excess” means the amount you have to pay for every claim
  • “Product(s)” means consumer IT devices purchased new from Challenger that is covered by this Contract.

For the avoidance of doubt, all coverage, apply only to repairs and replacements done in Singapore and for Products used in Singapore.


The table below sets out the coverage you are entitled to.

Plan Coverage Limit (if any)
Dr Geek Cover Extended Warranty Basic Service Contract Basic Coverage with no Excess Coverage for electrical & electronic defects is up to the purchase price paid for your Product (“Limit”).
    The Basic Coverage is applicable to all IT Contracts unless otherwise specifically provided. The Basic Coverage is for electrical and electronic defects to your Product and applies only to repairs and replacements done in Singapore and for Products used in Singapore. If you have selected the Dr Geek Cover Extended Warranty Service Contract, the Basic Coverage for all repairs and replacements made to your Product shall not exceed the Limit. We have the right and option to either repair or replace your Product with another of like kind, quality and specifications. Due to technological advances, the replaced product may be of a lower retail value than the faulty Product. Replacement parts may be original or non-original manufacturer’s parts that conform to factory specifications and shall be determined at our sole discretion. The Basic Coverage will be effective from the date of expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty period until the expiry of the Contract unless coverage is no longer applicable or is terminated as provided under the terms of this Contract.
    a) Extended Warranty only covers carry in service locally in Singapore at our Service Centre in Bugis Junction and Sim Lim Square. Locations can be found at
    b) Accidental Damage, water spillage, power surge damage is not covered.
    c) Adaptors, power cord, battery and other accessories are not covered.
    No coverage will be provided for/if
    a) Non-operating and cosmetic items, paint, color, or Product finish, accessories used in or with the Product, external cables and cords, or add-on options incorporated to the Product;
    b) Software (including operating system and any stored data), defects resulting directly from software installation and/ or removal, computer virus, virus prevention, and other peripherals;
    c) Hardware that has been added after the purchase of the original Product;
    d) Accidental or intentional physical damage and damage by water unless specifically covered in the Contract; Failure caused by a voltage converter and/or applying incorrect voltage to the Product;
    e) Amount for each and every claim made by if you are covered under the Dr Geek Cover Extended Warranty Basic Service Contract.
    f) Products that are still covered by the manufacturer’s original written warranty, repairer’s warranty, or any other warranty still in effect;
    g) Any defects that are the subject of the manufacturer’s recall;
    h) There has been unauthorised modification(s) to the Product, the serial number of the Product has been altered without authorisation, failure to follow manufacturers’ instructions on installation, operation or maintenance of the Product, repairs to the Product performed by a non-authorised repairer, any items not affecting the function of the Products;
    i) Commercial use (multi-user organisations), public rental, use for profit or communal use for multi-family housing;
    j) Defects and on-site service charges not covered by the manufacturer’s original written warranty, unless specifically covered in the Contract;
    k) Any loss or damage to the Product resulting from fire or flood, howsoever caused;
    l) Any loss or damage to the Product resulting from fire and an act of God (including without limitation, events such as earthquake, war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities or warlike operations, civil war, civil commotion); or
    m) Any loss or damage due to burglary, theft, corrosion, Insect infestation, pet damage (unless specifically covered by the Contract), misuse, neglect and abuse.
    n) Only registered products, complete with relevant owner’s information are eligible for the extended warranty claims.


  • We will replace your Product with one of like kind, quality and/or specification refurbished set if the Product is not repairable or beyond economical repair. The replaced Product (the spoilt unit) shall become our property. We reserve the right to pay you the original purchase price of the Product if we are unable to give you a replacement product that matches the quality and specifications of the faulty product. Neither Dr Geek nor Laptop General Hospital will be liable under the Contract if the repair is not executed by appointed repairer, Digital Hospital or PC Dreams, for repair before
  • (a) the expiry of the Contract or
  • (b) if a breakdown report has been submitted before the expiry of the Contract, within 30 days of its breakdown.
  • We will not cover any direct or indirect loss or injury to a person or loss or damage to property or any incidental, contingent, special or consequential damages including, but not limited to, losses incurred due to any delay in rendering any services related to this Contract and/or loss of use during the period that your Product is at an authorized repairer and/or while awaiting replacement parts, even if you might have informed us of the possibility of such loss or damage


    The Contract will terminate if any of the following events occur:

  • upon expiry of the term of the Contract; or
  • when you have made a claim for repair for mechanical and electrical defects up to the Limit (Dr Geek Cover Extended Warranty Basic); or
  • when the Product has been replaced (Dr Geek Cover Extended Warranty Basic Contract); or
  • if your Product is surrendered, sold or trade in; whichever is earlier.